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The Tuned by West Magnums have modified heads giving them approximately 20% more power,
and modified carburettors installed directly to the head giving them snappier throttle response, easier to start, eliminating flooding when inverted.
West Eurotech tuned Magnum 120F/S
Quote by Steve Dorling (Aviation Modeller)
"A bargain performance package"-thats Steve Dorlings view of the Weston UK - modified Magnum 120 four stroke
"Starting was so very easy and ultra dependable and at no time did I have to resort to the electric starter"
"Capable of giving performance equal to or better than similar products costing a lot more"
"It is a powerful, reliable, sweet sounding, smooth running and beautiful handling piece of precision work"
"It goes straight into my top drawer of best engines"
"The sheer improvement in handling and convenience makes it a worthwhile exercise alone"
"Equipped with the West carb and manifold just a couple of chokes proved sufficient for an immediate
hand start every time"
"Throttle response was markedly snappier"
"The Magnum 120 is something of a bargain"
"Forget your starter motors with this one-they are no longer required"
West Eurotech tuned Magnum 180FS
Quote by Phil Gutteridge (Model World) review of CML Otop
I have been running my Tuned-by-West 180 and originally started with the same prop i had on my Saito 180, namely an 18x6. The Saito just handled this prop, but was not comfortable on an 18x8. Your motor was so far under-propped on the 18x6 that I changed to the 18x8 and now have a 19x8 on it!! It is as sweet as a nut, but I think that a 20x8 would be a more sensible prop to load up the motor and allow it to develop its full potential. The downside is that it uses more fuel to produce the increased power, so i may have to fit a bigger tank and buy more Prosynth 2000 20% to run the thing! Your new silencer is very effective and easily meets the noise limits on the field.
West Eurotech tuned Magnum 61FS
Quoted by Mike LeMmon (RCM&E)
My little tuned by West Magnum 61 4 stroke has proven to be very reliable and powerful. The adjustable carb mounted directly on the head has eliminated any tendency to flooding when mounted inverted in my 3 Der. Used in conjunction with Prosynth fuel the Magnum 61 still looks as good as new. After substantial use this engine and exhaust still perform like new. What a cracking combination!!
Displacement: 5.0cc
Bore: 19.7mm
stroke: 16.4mm
Practical RPM : 2,000 - 11,000
Weight (w/muffler) 250g
Displacement: 9.95cc
Bore: 24.8mm
stroke: 20.6mm
Practical RPM : 1,500 - 12,500
Displacement: 11.5cc
Bore: 25.8mm
stroke: 22.0mm
Practical RPM : 1,500 - 11,500
Weight (w/muffler) 530g
Displacement: 14.87cc
Bore: 27.7mm
stroke: 24.8mm
Practical RPM: 1,700 - 11,200
Displacement: 14.95cc
Bore: 27.7mm
stroke: 24.8mm
Practical RPM: 1,700 - 15,200
Displacement: 28.84cc
Bore: 35.0mm
stroke: 30.0mm
Practical RPM: 1,700 - 10,400
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Size spec:
Size spec:
Size spec:
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  1. 30FS TUNED BY WEST 30FS 164.95
  1. 91FS TUNED BY WEST 91FS 249.35
  1. 61FS TUNED BY WEST 61FS 196.55
  1. 120FS TUNED BY WEST 120FS 304.39
  1. 70FS TUNED BY WEST 70FS 213.39
  1. 180FS TUNED BY WEST 180FS 381.91
Weight (w/muffler) 572g
Weight (w/muffler) 405g
Weight (w/muffler) 820g
Weight (w/muffler) 952g
    Recommended fuel for all Tuned by West Magnum four strokes : Prosynnth 2000 10% nitro
                              Prosynth 2000 20% nitro for Tuned by West 180 f/s