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Terms & conditions


Best 3D performance
Precision ECCPM 120° metal swash plate
Aluminum rotor head
Aluminum tail rotor
Extra strong G10 or CF frame design
Large gear mod 1
Simple maintenance with easy access
Low parts count
80% Preassembled kit
Wear resistant parts
Extra large boom avoid any static loads
Extra large BL High-Torque motor
Estimate horse power more than 2HP
Designed for 6S battery
ESC with 3A BEC
Atom 500 Precison Belt Driven Tailrotor both delivers precision tail control yet is forgiving on inadvertent ground contact. New Generation tail blades improve torque delivery and tail rotor speed.
At The heart of the Atom is the 500 HT Motor
PT NO. 550C £85.00
In General:

The Ball Links on the Atom need to be resized. These Ball Links will NOT break in over time. they will stay tight and will cause unwanted interactions.

In step 3:
It is very important to resize the Ball Links for smooth travel, especially on the tail; because issues like tail wag, sluggish tail, or inconsistent Piro-rate will occur.
To improve '3D' Tail Rotor authority we suggest doing the “Tail Blade Grip Flip”. The result is a increased stability in 3D flying.

In step 4:
It is vital not to over tighten the Main Gear Bolt, or it can cause the Autorotation Gear to slightly warp. This can cause a premature Belt failure, or reduce the lifetime of the Belt.

In step 5:
Leave About 0.1mm space between the Flybar Collar and the Flybar Holder, this avoids the Flybar to snap when flying.
The Atom 500 is a machine that can provide for all pilot levels. Beginners will like the 8 tooth Rookie while the 9 tooth will dominate in 3D and for the craziest pilots the monster 10 tooth is available.

Length: 835mm
Height: 270mm
Rotor diameter: 962mm
Motor pinion available: 8T or 9T
Gear ratio 8T: 9.75:1:4.286
Gear ratio 9T: 8.67:1:4.286
Take-off weight: 1.75kg
Motor size: 500 BL HT
KV: 1080
Battery type: Lipo 6S

Rotor blades: 430mm
Tail blades: 70mm
Paddles: 11gr