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The Odin 90 nitro helicopter has been designed to offer superior 3D performance. The Odin 90 features a unique electric cooling system which saves engine horse power used for the main blades. With a take-off weight close to 9 pounds, the Odin 90 has an outstanding power to weight ratio, ensuring that this heli can easily handle any 3D maneuver. The Odin inherited the same strong frame design and precise head system shared with all
Compass Model products making his heli an impressive addition to any pilot's collection. The Odin 90/CF features a super sturdy carbon fiber frame to hold up to the most extreme of 3D pilots.

Length: 1330mm
Rotor Diameter: 1590mm
Gear ratio: 8,0:1:4,8
Take-off weight: 4,08kg
Engine size: 91
Rotor blades: up to 700mm
Odin 90Performance Rotorhead made with High Quality Components with an 8mm Spindle to withstand high impact 3D flight.
Odin 90Precison Belt Driven Tailrotor both delivers precision tail control yet is forgiving on inadvertent ground contact.New Generation yellow tail blades improve torque delivery and tail rotor speed.
With the light weight
stronge and durable
inovative airframe
with its ecs cooling
makes this 90 size
helicopter like no
other on the market.
All that power in a helicopter not much bigger than a 50

Fully Ball Raced
Hardened Main Shaft
Hardened Tail Shaft
Precise Controlling
Modular Design
120 CCPM Swashplate Control
Dual Pin Zero-Slop Tail Pitch Mechanism
Ball Bearing Supported Washout Arms & Links
Anti Vibration Double Stage Engine Mount
ECS - Cooling System