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SportX is a top performing heli at a bargain price. Do not let the price put you off,it has been designed with durability and low maintenance costs in mind yet is more than capable of keeping up with your progress from Novice to full 3d.
SportX Specifications:
Length: 1270mm
Rotor Diameter: 1360mm
Gear ratio: 8,7:1:4,8
Take-off weight: 3,55kg
Engine size: 50 to 57
Rotor blades: 600 to 620mm
High Quality Painted FG Canopy.
SportX Maximal Durability Frame
Preassembled Resistant Plastic Frame Set
Preassembled Reinforced Main Gear
Preassembled Performance Rotor Head
Preassembled Precision Tail Rotor
High Quality Painted FG Canopy
SportX Kit contains:
Easy Maintenance
Easy Assembly
Large Pitch Range
Fully Ball Raced
Hardened Main Shaft
Hardened Tail Shaft
Precise Controlling
Modular Design
120 CCPM Swashplate Control
Dual Pin Zero-Slop Tail Pitch Mechanism
Ball Bearing Supported Washout Arms & Links
SportX Features:
SportX Performance Rotorhead made withHigh Quality Composite Components withan 8mm Spindle to withstandhigh impact 3D flight.
SportX Precison Belt Driven Tailrotor both delivers precision tail control yet is forgiving on inadvertent ground contact.New Generation yellow tail blades improve torque delivery and tail rotor speed.